Logic System Overload!


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Hey guys!
I have this little problem...I use logic X and 9, when I'm mixing a little message appears: "System overload. The audio engine was not able to process all required data in time" I use a MacBook Pro 13" 2.3 ghz intel core I5 4 Gb.
I already tried changing the buffer size, but it's still giving me problems.
Some people told that buying an external hard drive was the solution.
I bought a 1 tb Western Digital hard drive, I have all my projects and sound libraries on that hard drive. But it's still giving me problems, the message is still appearing.
I've already tried everything...
For some reason it seems to happen when I use a lot of waves plug ins
Any idea of what's happening? Any solution?:confused:
Watch for CPU and Hard Drive usage, it's one or the other or both that's causing this to happen. Close all open programs that aren't being used by Logic. How much ram do you have, it might be time to install more.

Bassically, Michael
I always close any app I'm not using, still with problems.
I have 4 gb RAM... Do you recommend me to install more ram or buy a new External Hard drive 7200'rpm?
I would double the ram, but only if you're using it in 64-bit mode, as the 32-bit won't see the extra ram.

Bassically, Michael
On a multi-core mac, I've read you can distribute CPU load by bussing/stem mixing rather than putting everything directly through the mix bus.