Logic Pro X Losing communication with Digi Rack 002

Captain Whisky

New member
Hey guys,

I have a recurring problem that is really frustrating. I'm using Logic Pro X with n Digirack 002 which is connecting to Logic through the Avid CoreAudio Manager. It connects and works fine for a while...but it always ends up disconnecting. I get the error message 'Avid CoreAudio Manager quit unexpectedly'. I can then usually reestablish the connection by closing Logic and the Audio Manager, opening the Audio Manger again and click connect. It will usually work again for a while but the same thing will happen and then it won't be able to connect again unless I restart the computer.

The buffer size on the AudioManager is set to the same at the buffer size in Logic so I'm not really sure what the problem, I really need help solving this because it is very annoying. If anyone has any suggestions please help me out.