Logic Pro 9 MIDI Latency Suddenly Appeared In Session


New member
I've been working on a session and everything was going fine until suddenly there's a horrific MIDI latency issue. I bounced the guitar track and opened up a new session and things are fine but for some reason the session I'm working on has constant latency. I plugged my MPD18 (what I'm using as a MIDI controller for drums) from my USB hub directly into my iMac and have messed around with different buffer speeds and still I have the same problem with this specific session. Perhaps it is somehow corrupt.

Has anyone else experienced this before? Is my only solution to just bounce all the tracks into a new session and see if that works? This is so bizarre…I haven't changed my settings at all. I've closed every program I have except for Logic and nothing seems to help.


OS X Lion 10.7.5
Apogee Duet