Lo-fi Demo Song (thoughts on overall song composition)

Cool .. I think the vocal delay should be backed off some and the vocals a little closer to center. The guitar is getting lost in the delay echo. I'd try doubling the guitar track(s) and panning them pretty far L,R . You'll probably have to play with different eq or fx on the panned guitar tracks to keep them separated. I think adding another instrument would add to the confusion, that seems to be sitting in a good place now. Some sort of simple held out synth might work. Enjoyed it .. mark


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I am really not digging the use of delay. It doesn't sound spacey, it just sounds sloppy and out of time.

So first off, I'd sync the delay to the grid. Second, I'd probably turn it down.


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VHS hit it. You might want to draw that delay closer and then put some verb on it to give space. I do think the elay will work, but closer to the voice. Then bring up the vocals. My 0.02 :)

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Your guitar tone is pretty cool, reminds me of Zep's Black Mountainside. But yeah way less delay to tighten it up