Linoleum - NoFx cover (rough)


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Hey yo, been on a super long break due to finishing this masters program and seeing pts in the clinic several days a week. Just this week, I started messing around with something as I've been listening to a lot of nofx lately.

So heres a rough version of linoleum by nofx...still working on the drum fills. There's 2 or 3 that are bad at the moment, but I'll fix them.

This is also my first mix in almost a year. Talk about coming in with fresh ears!!! Im not going for 100% accuracy with tone and such, even my tempo is about 10 bpm slower. Just want it to stand on its own. Just for fun too. Vocals are probably coming as well.

So whatcha think?

Dropbox - Linoleum - music only rough.mp3 - Simplify your life



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my tempo is about 10 bpm slower.

Coward! If anything, NoFx should be played faster! No one has the patience for an entire 2 minutes of NoFx! :D

Anyway, something with the guitars isn't quite working. The melody of them is getting lost somewhere. I'm not sure if it's too much 'verb or distortion or the way their stacked. But I would definitely revisit them.

The drums are sounding pretty good.


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Welcome back dude!!

Not familiar with nofx. I think it sounds pretty good but don't have much to reference against. My only thing is the right guitar sounds panned too far during the intro and break, but maybe thats how they had it?


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That sounded awesome. Congrats on the masters.
On to buying a house now? I just bought one last week and get to upgrade my "studio" finally! Monitors here we come.
Great guitar playing, the tone sounded a bit obnoxious to start but blended well once it got going.
Drums are well done, a bit too upfront/dry for my taste, vocals will probably bring it all together.
Bass seemed under represented, sounds like you're really chugging away-i'd like to hear it more. might help tame the drums a bit.
The second solo guitar chug section sounds slightly out of tune which seems to throw off your rhythm slightly.
Being nit-picky.
I'm sure with your vocals it will sound killer.