Limits of Porta02


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I'm new to homerecording, although have been playing guitar for years and done some studio and home recording at other folks' places. Seems like there's a major leap in capabilities from the Porta02 to the 414 or 424. I'm wondering if it makes sense to start with the Porta02 and move up later, go to the 414 or 424. I don't do synth stuff (yet, hope to add that once I start, though).
Any suggestions?
IMHO (in my humble opinion), there's nothing wrong with starting with the Porta 02, since my songwriting partner used his to produce an entire album's worth of music that was of extermely high quality. I would recommend the 02 if you are on a tight budget (and what musician isn't?) and that you graduate to the more complex machines as you can afford it. My partner and I, too, have done both home and studio recording, but I suggest that you start small so as to minimize your initial costs. I hope this has been of help to you.

I have been using the Tascam porta 3 (basically the equivilant of the porta 2) for 3 or so years now. For people just starting out this machine is great. If you have decent mics you can get really good sound out of this cheap little 4-track. After years of using this machine i'm ready to upgrade to an analog 8track. But i don't regret going with a basic recorder to start with.