Life is an Ocean - Mixing Advice!


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Hey Everyone,

I've been dabbling in home recording for a number of years (I actually joined this forum back in 2009) and I've been compiling songs that I want to include as part of an album project I'm putting together (or attempting to anyhow!).

I've put together a mixdown for the opening track, Life is an Ocean and I'm hoping to get some feedback on the mix. I'm in no way a professional - as you can likely tell haha! I'm 100% open to any feedback in helping to make this track sound better and for any tips in general in mixing. I'm generally working with guitar/bass/drums/vocals with the occasional synth or piano thrown in for fun.

I give you my permission to be completely brutally honest with any of it haha!


  • Life is an Ocean Mixdown 01.16.21.mp3
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Alba, I though this was a Very nice mix and a good song with plenty of energy. I especially liked the high harmony. I can't get very critical on the mix (laptop and earbuds) but I think the answering back vocals on the chorus(s) seemed to have a little too much fx on them . I liked the effect but I think it could be tamed a little. Enjoyed the song , great job ! mark


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Thanks so much Mark. Definitely understand about the effect on the vocals. I really appreciate you giving a listen!