License number is not "valid" :((


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Today i purchased and downloaded Acid 7.
Everything was going well until the Gurritan Aria download asked me for the license code.
I have it, it was emailed to me after i purchased Acid 7.
So, i entered it correctly 2 or 3 times and it tells me the license code is "invalid".
So, im not happy.

any ideas?
i really dont want to pay $130 USD for Sony tech support to try to get a 2nd license code .


Are you having problems with Acid 7 or Garritan?

Sounds like you need to contact Sony directly.
Are you having problems with Acid 7 or Garritan?

Sounds like you need to contact Sony directly.

I purchased Acid 7 from the Sony site and downloaded it.
Garritan is a part of the package along with some other software.
The Acid 7 installed and accepted the license key perfectly.
When Garritan downloaded and installed, it asked me for the license key and i filled in the blanks with the key (number) that Sony sent me
to my email.
It sent me licenses to 4 items, with the Garritan being one.
Acid 7 accept its license code but Garritan said "invalid" license number.

Currently, im on hold, having called Sony customer service.
20 mins so far, as the tech wanted me to contact Garritan about the issue.
However, why should i do that when i bought it from Sony and Sony emailed me the keygen.

So, he is downloading Garritan and i guess is going to try to use my keygen to open the software.
If he cant, the what will he do?

i'll be back later to tell you what happens next.

final solution, lets take it from the top.

If you want to buy Sony Acid 7, then today is your lucky day.
You can get it for $139 on the site. (at least i did).

download it and then you have several other downloads to complete.

After Garritan ARIA is downloaded it will ask you for the license key that Sony will send to your email once you pay for Acid 7 , however ignore this request and close the finished download.
make certain you finish the Garritan Aria download, silly.


go to the site and create an account..........and then find the "activation" tab on the home page and open it.
"register product".
"Sony Acid Garritan ARIA" tab.
use it.
They will create for you an image code license that you need to download to your desk top.
Then, open ACID and insert a midi track, and then open Garritan as your softsynth.
As soon as it opens and asks you to register it, DRAG the image code from your desktop anywhere into the Garritan softsynth = you are now a registered user of the Garritan product.
Good job.

no worries.;)