lexicon core 2


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Can anyone give me some useful info on the lexicon core2 with efx daughter board and would it be compatible with amd athalon 1.1ghz. Is it worth considering? I have a darla 20 bit , but it seems to be locking up my new athalon. I had a amdk62 worked good, but having some difficulty with my new computer. For the price the lexicon seems tempting. Thanks


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your problem is not the darla card it one of the best around. way better that the core 2 i have both darla
on pc core on my mac. your problem is that AMD
get rid of it. nothing but headackes. Intel pent III
will solve the problem amd cpu dont do real math(real time process)well. if you like AMD i would only suggest the Thunerbird series. it the only proven AMD cpu that can do the math well. But I would rather the INTEL
trust me i build DAWS . intel more friendly with the drivers for pro soundcards


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See the thread in the computer recording forum entitled "what's up" for more info on core 2. Apparently there's a reason why it's so cheap right now.