Lets let it go


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Greetings, here's a mix of a song that's a collaboration between me and my brother, i sent him the music and he wrote the lyrics. The mix sounds pretty good to me, i'm not getting the power i want, but turning up my stereo seems to take care of that.

I laid down vocals in the hopes that one of my singer friends will re-do them someday :rolleyes:

Let me know how it sounds to you, i hear a few things, minor balance and maybe eq...


Lets Let It Go by NovaBasa | Nova Basa | Free Listening on SoundCloud


I'm not a fan of hard-panned guitars, but this is mixed well. One thing I would suggest is bringing the overall instrument volume down a tiny bit during the verses, this would help the choruses stand out more.


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I like it. Good balance all through and the panned guitars worked well. I liked the recording of the drums. Kinda flat but suit the song..