Lets Go (a bit of fun)


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Hi Folks,

I recorded this a few weeks ago while messing around with vocal tones and trying to become a little more competent with my very inexperienced bass playing. I'd like feedback in respect of the vocal tonality and how it sits in the mix and also if the track sounds too forced as I'm after getting my mixes to sit somewhere between a live and studio kind of vibe. I'm not great at everything but I've been recording since Jan this year and hope some stuff is becoming use-able. It's not a serious track as I'm basically having a laugh at my own expense, the lyrics are mine, simply written to fit my tinkering with the guitar, bass and drum track for my own improvement.

many thanks for reading the thread




Very good song and good mix, Tim! It has a late 50s and 60s feel to it in spots. Cool lyrics too. A very clever song all around, even though you maintain that it's not serious. Good stuff!



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Thank you Joseph, good to see you posting. I had a bit of a laugh with the lyrics, but like most things I do, I try to apply myself and I'm glad the track has some strengths. I very much enjoy writing lyrics which have depth while I'm perfectly happy to highlight the lighter side of my personality. I appreciate your feedback, I'm always happy to learn and improve and I do get enthused by knowing people take take time to listen and reply.

many thanks



INteresting mix of sounds & styles.
What effects, if any, do you have on the voice?
It's well forward in the mix and I wondered whether you'd added anything in terms of EQ, reverb etc.


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Ray, the voice doesn't have a lot work on it, as I still like to sound like me, good or bad. I double tracked it using the main and aux out on the mixer to enable two stereo tracks into the recorder, 4 inputs. I have a small amount of chorus and delay on one stereo pair and reverb applied to the other pair and have them a panned a touch either side of center. I wanted warmth and presence so EQ'd them differently and pretty much got what I wanted for a stand alone vocal through blending, but then making a judgement on how it works in the mix is where more ears are needed. I've really gotten into having multiple vocal tracks even for a single solo vocal, as I can't see the point in spending time writing lyrics and then have them lost in music. I have limited tools so try to get as much out what I have by experimenting and finding what my options are. There are a couple of places near then end of the track where the reverb is more obvious than I planned, but that seems to add to the vibe, so I left it as is. Using the insert effects, I can treat one pair while recording and treat one pair during playback using the dry take and then mix the two treated pairs to get what I'm after. The method allows massive flexibility, especially as I can't be arsed with software tinkering unless I'm really struggling. I like working with hardware.

all the best