let me see your studio!

good idea to post pix?

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Track Rat said:
I don't have any newer pictures. I've made a few changes since these were made but this is still pretty much how ity's laid out.
Sweet !! Is that an Elvis doll in the control room window? :D
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Track Rat

Dungeon Studio
I'm glad you noticed that. My son made that out of clay MANY years ago in school and it's been one of my main studio mascots since. I always tell people "play well. The eyes of Elvis are upon you".


Track Rat said:
I'm glad you noticed that. My son made that out of clay MANY years ago in school and it's been one of my main studio mascots since. I always tell people "play well. The eyes of Elvis are upon you".
:D "The eyes of Elvis are upon you"...that is good...real good !! :D

Thanks for the rep attempt ;)


yeah, newbie works fine.
This is my humble space. I call it The Bakery.
My KRK RP-5s are being rented out otherwise they would be there. Also, I am building a simple new desk.






So here's my little home base...

So why on earth does just about every studio have one of these lava lamps?? Am I gonna have to get one too??????





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Benyah said:
I'll get one right now!!!!! I promise!!!!! :o

Pffft. you need atleast two, do you buy just one audio monitor? No you buy two. Your mixes will come out severally unbalanced with just one lava lamp. And dude while I am at it, make sure they are different colors, otherwise the same colors just build up in your mix, and then look at what you got?!? This goes for all of you without Lava lamps, kids these days, they don't even know whats important. Check out my equipment list in my sig, towards the bottom I list my Lava lamps, I have a little to much red in my Lava lamp mix, but really red is a warm color and warm is what we are all after right?!? So, well there you go. Oh BTW, my mixes only started getting better after the third Lava lamp, those with less skills then me, might need as many as ten lamps to have any chance, so thats like all of you, jk, well not kidding about some needing ten, :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: .

Freudian Slip

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Benyah said:
Would red and green do...??? Or maybe orange... or do they have to be multicolored...??? :confused: :confused:

Don't give in to the peer pressure Benyah! Just beacause everyone else has lava lamps dosen't make it right. If someone told you to get a Abba poster would you do it?! I was on the lava lamp for years before someone from the 21st century got me in touch with a good 12 step program. I did not realize how much the lava lamp had taken over my life until I was off it. Now I feel better about my self, I get more done and my social life has improved.
No more starting every sentence with "my lava lamp this" or "my lava lamp that". I can talk to people at partys now and they don't come up with excuses to walk away.

Take it from me. Lava lamps ruin lives! None of the lava lampers will tell you this cause they're hooked and they must maintain their own illusion. It's sad really.

Oh, one more thing. When your "on the lamp" as they say. You only think your mixes sound better. It's not really true. I use to get up in the morning and listen to the mix I did the night before, "on the lamp" and think to my self what have I done :eek:

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Freudian Slip

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THEY DO. When you make a Random Phase Grating multi-poly diffuser from multiple lamps. :D

You're in deep:D Seek Help!

See. This is exactly as I was saying. Can't see the forrest for the lava lamps.


Freudian Slip

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Whaaa Haaa Haaa Haaaa! They're finally here!

Just got and set up dual 19in widescreen lcd's.
Been waiting for there arival! God my wife is nice! She ordered these for me.
Now I have to get used to this.



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