let me see your studio!

good idea to post pix?

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Still not enough knobs mjb. Also, both sets of speakers point straight out at the room.
They ought to point at your ears.
No, that's just the fish-eye effect of the phone camera. They DO point directly at my sitting position. 4.5 foot equilateral triangle.

The mixers were just for effect. The Yammie is back in its carrying case, the Mackie is sold, and the little Behringer is over to the side to boost the audio out from my keyboard for the line-ins on my interface.
Nice to see this thread still being alive.

I posted here way back in 2006 or so when I was building my studio next to my garage.
It has been about 15 years, and I finally took early retirement this year and have been reorganizing and fixing stuff so that I can start back working from the studio again without the pressure of paying my bills with the proceeds!

Here is what it looks like today.

I have a main room with the mix position , drums and amps. (also where the band practices).

The mix position has removable small panels at the first reflection points that cover the booth glass when I mix but just hang on conduit so they come right off when tracking.(the small panels do double duty as Gobo's by hanging them on Mic stands with boom arms in the horizontal position)

To the left and right of the mix position is a vocal booth to the left and a larger booth for acoustic instrument recording.

I am enjoying getting back into it after the last few years being so limited.
Looks like a comfy mixing chair😉
What a stupid poll. Worst I’ve seen. Who the hell came up with those questions??

Of course we want to see pictures of the studios!!

What’s the point of a ‘show me your studio’ thread without them????
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it's roomy for now, I've got a lot more stuff to move into it. Half of our basement at the little old ranch, approximately 12' x 22' for 264 sf (3.7 m x 6.7 for 24.5 ms). This will be the first time all my stuff will be in one place. It will be in two sections, the music section with the producers desk and a listening area with the couch, stereo, big screen TV etc. Eventually I'll have a separating wall that should go a long way towards keeping the HVAC sounds out, climate control. I'm not going to attempt to sound proof this, just too much freaking money to contemplate at this time.

Got more furniture to move into here, the afore mentioned producer's desk, couch; some bookcases, work bench, coffee table, hope chest (mic storage etc), chair. A couple more amplifiers.

Panoramic shot.

20230130 basement pics 02.jpg

oh, yeah. I've got to get some power bars. The only electrical source is that one orange extension cord for the half stack. Eventually it will be actual conduits with quad receptacles, I'm thinking minimum of two each wall, maybe 3 on the long side. And stringers to attach guitar hangers to. Pictures. Mood light, very important. Lava lamps definitely.
20230130 basement pics 02.jpg
Beautiful space! Wish I has a basement like that, or a basement at all.