let me see your studio!

good idea to post pix?

  • this thread suxxxx

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  • not interested in peeking into other's bedrooms

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  • is that an Ozbourne poster on the wall?? Yikes!

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  • man -- when did you clean up the last time?

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  • I am so jeleous! Can I move into your house??

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Moved things around again! Much cleaner and larger workspace. Found the OmniMount brand speaker stands for cheap on ebay. Picked up a Zoom R25 and S-Amp headphone amp to replace the poorly supported M-Audio/Avid Fasttrack C600. So far so good!


Let's all make random statements that have nothing to do with what's going on in this thread.

I like Jell-o. :D


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I was merely responding to Mr Clean's statement accompanying his photos above. How does that come across as random, or off topic? Never mind...here's something a little more obviously on topic...latest control room pic at the newly renamed Nothing But You Recording Studio (formerly known as Bargain Basement Recording)with the newly installed Eleven Rack, Creation Station and Pro Tool 10...ControlRoom4.jpg