Leftover bits after reassembling Zoom R24


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I have dismantled my R24 a few times, mainly to clean out the battery compartment when batteries have leaked. Usually it hasn't been difficult, although to remove the base you need to remove 27 screws - more than any other device I have taken apart.

However, I had debris between the LCD screen and the clear plastic cover on the top so I had to go a bit further which involved removing about another couple of dozen screws and in doing so, two bits of plastic unexpectedly fell out and I have no idea where they came from. I put it back together without the two bits of plastic and everything works okay but it is annoying me that they weren't there without reason and I'd like to put them back.

I'm just wondering if anybody has any idea what they are and where they belong, photo enclosed. For reference, the grid is 1cm.

If they aren't buttons (you would noticed those missing) I would guess they are spacers/offsets of some type. I've never taken my R24 apart so I can't say for sure.
Yes, but there is nothing obvious missing. As I said, there are a lot of screws so they probably fit on a couple of them. Anyway, it works and I have had it eight years so it is well out of warranty. I have them taped in a gap inside so they don't get lost and I had the R24 apart to change the battery contacts (I'd cleaned them before but had no idea that they could be bought so easily - if you are prepared to wait for them to arrive from China) so I thought I'd take a photo and ask whilst I had access to them.

Incidentally, I contacted Zoom with a photo. They got back to me very quickly but said they had no idea what they were.
When I first read the title of the thread, I thought 'show us a photo', and there it is.
It happens to us all. I got into taking photos while dismantling things, to show what plugs and wire colours went where.
Just deducing from the picture:
You are fortunate that there are 2 of them, as there will be 2 obvious places missing them.
They fit around something tubular.
The sides at the top are broken out a bit, suggesting what ever goes through them will be a snug fit.
They appear to be non-conductive.

My conceited opinion is that they are PCB spacers, which may not necessarilly be needed, but are desirable.
Might they be spacers for the display, to hold it away from the plastic window?
You have to open it up again, and retrace your steps, with eyes peeled.
As they fell out when I was removing the top to access the LCD and never previously when just removing the bottom, I should assume that they came from between the PCB and the top panel. If there weren't so many damned screws, I wouldn't be so reluctant to dismantle it every time I had a fresh thought.

But generally, I agree that they are spacers/stand-offs but there wasn't a snug position that they seemed to be missing from which, given that they are a particular shape, I would have expected.