learning some new stuff about m/s compression and Vitamin plugins


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I'm spending a lot of time on the internet, since I'm not schooled in mixing - I'm reading how to mix vocals, plus playing more with a few plugins: the dbx-160 compressor in mid-side mode, and then the plugin by Waves called Vitamin. The stereo image spreader is key to enhance any reverb already on there. I'm having a blast. I think I'll keep this one.

Below are the old mix I started with, and the new final mix.

In the Pines - old - Banjo Hangout Jukebox

In the Pines - final - Banjo Hangout Jukebox
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Definitely an improvement. The later mix is clearer and brighter.

I might nudge the left guitar down just a bit. It sounds way too close on headphones.


So, I thought the improvement from old to new mix was actually quite drastic! Kudos! Whenever I hear mixes from people using new tools (toys) they're usually WAY over used (I'm guilty, too), but in this instance, I think you did a fine job of not over-doing it. I have Vitamin, and I think it's a great tool, but can be easily pushed too hard. (I'm listening on absolutely crappy ear-buds that are super unforgiving, so, even more kudos!)

Yeah... Apart from being technically pretty solid, the song / musicianship is up there, too! Good song, good arangement, good performance, and good mix!

Solid, my friend, solid.
I thought the harmony vocals were superb. I think the banjo could be eq'd a little bit brighter to bring it more in line with the mandolin. Great job on a great song .. mark


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wow, HUGE difference between the two (on my Rokit 6's). Very clear and crisp compared to the first version. I love Vitamin...when used sparingly, it really adds some nice top-end shine and clarity. Catchy tune as well.