Learn about the design and structure of the line Array system


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Array speakers are redesigned horizontally instead of vertical by CAF engineers, so even though the loudspeaker is about to overlap 16 speakers, it's only about 8 meters (instead of 16-20 meters).

Treble loudspeakers are redesigned with large horizontal angles (100 ~ 120 degrees), with very narrow angles ranging from 0 ~ 12 degrees, depending on the angle of the speakers. Are mixed up, ... and do not follow the inverse square rule, the double spacing takes 6 dB, and the line array only takes 2 ~ 3 db.

Array speakers are designed for sound sources from one point: the moment the sound source is emitted from a certain point at which sound is emitted in spherical directions, or part of the sphere. According to mathematical formulas, the area of ​​the sound that emits A will increase fourfold by doubling the radius. It also draws sound pressure down with a coefficient, because the sound energy has to be divided into four times as much space and so the energy density is 1/4 and so the sound pressure will Down to 6dB.
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