Laserproof mpc 60 set up with lynx one and akai dr8


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Dear users
im setting up a akai mpc 60 ( 8 output or two stereo)akai dr8 (smpte expansion and midi expansion cards)two keyboards akai minak and rhodes mk 60 with a lynx one card. I would like to use the mpc to sequence
i dont have a daw yet considering sonarx1 but i think it may be too much for a xp machine (xeon dual 3.2ghx - i have to choose something on xp sp3 because of the drivers for lynx one card that means i only can have 3gb ram any suggestions?
Should i record keyboards into my dr8 ( 8 in 8 out) with 16 bit ad converters and go into the lynx via aes/bu or spdif - im scared that i may be sacrificing audio!am i bypassing my lynx converters?
Or should i mix outside the daw on a seperate mixer and anolog in to the lynx?