Klark-Teknik KT-2A Users

Blue Jinn

Rider of the ARPocalypse
Anyone here using one? So just picked one of these up pre-modded. (More expensive tubes (!) and the Kenetek T4B) Always wanted an optical comp (built the EPFM one, but have never put it in a case) Just looking for input on setting it up. Haven't tried it out yet.

The output meter has a +10dB or +4dB settingalso has balanced connections. My gear is all -10/unbalanced. I'm assuming that this is tip hot (or pin 2) and not ring hot, (or pin 3), and I can just use unbalanced 6.5mm plugs, but want to make sure. (I have an older piece of German gear that is ring hot...)

For setup I planned to wire this through a normalled patch bay to use as either a channel insert or a buss insert if I want to send some dry signal to another track.
For gear that passes signal through with balanced input and output, it doesn't really matter if it's pin 2 hot or pin 3 hot because the output will match the input. It really only matters if there's only one balanced connector (mics, amplifiers).