Kiss and make up.......Doo Woppy


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Here's a mix of my first doo wop/beach boys sorta thing.

See what you think and let me know.



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Vocal need to be way up for this genre. It's all about the singing. I couldn't hear the lyrics well. The mix is dark and muddy. Personally, I'd start the mix with vocals soloed and get the lead and harmonies balanced and tight, then add drums, then bass, then guitars making sure nothing detracts from the vocals.

Nice harmonies, thought the lead singer might have put a little more enthusiasm into his performance.


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i agree the lead vocal needs to sit a little better. it's inconsistent in level, quiet in parts and loud in others. the cymbals are very splashy, almost harsh. very cool song, haven't heard this in the clinic before, i could definitely hear more of this. nice tune


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Thank you both for the input. I agree that the vocals are needing adjustment....and enthusiasm. ;) I felt the main vox sounded lackluster when I played it back but I really wanted to get the rest of it down just to see if it was worth finishing. I'll redo them and try for a better mix as well. Appreciate the compliments on the harmonies and "cool song" mention.


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Wow what a great song. It's really catchy and the lyrics are fun. Seems like it could use some clarity though so those great background vocals can come through. Not real sure but it might be the bass is covering up some of the vocals.