Kind of twangy Christmas guitar instrumental - with wacky intro

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I do a Christmas tune every year and this is this year's. I'd like some opinions on the mix/composition/playing maybe? :guitar:

Yeah so the intro... I was at this Goodwill type place and found a 60's toy air powered organ, and of course decided to put it in my tune! It's only like 15 seconds, try not to fast forward through it...

Thanks for listening!


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I liked it. Its something that you could throw in with a bunch of Christmas songs and it would fit right in.

I think the song works, and other than just a bit less reverb on main guitar, I don't have any other issues. I like the quirky start, BTW.

Good job!


I enjoyed this a lot. For what it is, a once a year Christmas song, it's great.

If you were recording this for a label, I'm sure they'd change some things. But, it's not. It's really good just the way it is, for what it is.