Kids Rubbin' Elbows With Rich, Kruppa, Morello and Roach- How Cool!


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When I was a young lad of about 7-8 (the late 50s) - my dad (who was a working drummer) was able to get me back stage at a large local venue which hosted all the big bands of that era. I met, talked to and got autographs and drumsticks from almost every major big band drummer of that era.

Unfortunately, at the time, I did not appreciate the opportunity, nor did I appreciate the autographs/sticks (these were just some old guys my dad knew - I wanted to meet the "rock & rollers" of the time (who he didn't know).

Sadly, when I hit my teens and started my rock & roll carreer as a drummer - I broke sticks. I could not afford to buy sticks, so I started to use the sticks given to me by all those great drummers. Now, all the sticks are gone, lost as kindling on long forgotten stages. During my years of touring, I often left things behind, or moved out of flop houses when I couldn't pay rent - and all those precious authographs are also lost to history.

Now that I'm older and appreciate those great drummers and the history they represent - a day does not go by, that I don't regret the stupidity of my youth.