Keyboard Cables Solution for My Studio's Room?

Hello. I'm currently rebuilding my home studio and I've got a medium-sized control room. I used to be able to angle my keyboards to the side of my desk, but I've got a new desk and I haven't the space to do this anymore. So, my new plan is to put my keyboards on the wall directly across from my desk, so that when I'm at the desk, I can press record and turn to the keyboards directly behind me. From an ergonomic standpoint, I'd prefer to not have MIDI and/or 1/4" cables running from the back of my desk, across the middle of the floor (I'll have a rug and clients walking between the desk/keyboards). I'd love to know anyone's thoughts about how I could hide these cables or create some kind of system to clear them from being across the middle of the floor while connected. In a perfect world, I'd have some kind of industrial cable hub wired through the walls/ceiling, so that I could have cable inputs reaching from my connection to the desk gear over to the wall that the keyboards will be up against. Is there an easier way I could do something like this? If I have to, I can live with having cables running across my floor, but if there is any workaround to this, including something I could buy to help better organize things, I'd go for it.

Thanks a lot,