Just throwing this song out there - it's just an ongoing idea


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Boyfriend 3 by Random-Tangent | Random Tangent | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Just throwing this song out there - it's just an ongoing idea.

I really want to try and do something different as I feel as I'm getting a little bored with the acoustic/folk/hippy music that I tend to gravitate towards.

I want to explore mashing up some genres and see what comes out of the other end.

This machine drum loop from looperman caught my interest so I kinda wanted to work around it. Threw a chord progression to it (and looped it around and around), popped on some lyrics - tried messing with some EQ's and some auto-tuning.

I think that it's a bit repetitive (well it would be as I've just looped) - but in your opinion do you think that it's worth exploring deeper - I suppose the answer is "If that's what you want to do then go for it"

Just testing the water so-to-speak


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Hey....nicely done! The song grows on you pretty fast. I would absolutely keep going on it.......but don't overthink it and take it too far. If I had to nit pik on anything I might say that it's a bit too long at 4:25. That being said......I can't say what should be eliminated. Good recording and mixing job so far. Keep us updated on this.


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I like it. I like the way it lyrically starts off sounding like something predictable and well worn then it suddenly takes a sharp turn and gets kind of deep, in the way Erykah Badu did with "Next Lifetime." I found the last segment {the bit about the husband and 6 kids and beyond} very original and funny ~ it appealed to my kind of humour and I've always felt that even in the midst of something tender, intimate, deep or serious, some well placed humour adds an interesting colour, if done well. Here, you've done it well.
Musically, it's hard to say. I like the melody. I like the talkalong quality of the verse melody and the chorus is one of those that is eternally singable. I think you can do lots with the arrangement without cluttering it. I'm not the greatest fan of a drum loop that never alters {for me drums are the great timekeeper but with change and beauty and they paint a musical picture} but obviously, it's what you had. The guitar could stay as is, if there were other instrumental colours. It's solid and dependable while being quite attractive.
As I listen to the song, my major thought is "this is a guy that knows what he's doing" and I'm hesitant to suggest doing this or that. I think you are definitely on the right track and you have more in you than perhaps you realize. Draw on your experience of the acoustic/hippy stuff and maybe turn off your critical faculties sometimes and go a little wild.
By the way, which part of London are you in ?


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Thanks for the positive feedback – it really is good to receive something.

Firstly I do have to agree that 4+ minutes is pretty long. I had a look at it again last night to see if I could remove a verse, or what can be done. I decided that I don’t really think that it would flow as good with a verse cut out. Which brings me onto another comment about the drum loop never altering – yeah, spot on. I grabbed one from looperman and literally just looped the 8 bars over and over again. I’ll try to introduce another beat, or even use halftime on what I already have just to give it some variety then see if the 4+ still seems too long.

The whole thing is just a quick knock up – yeah I’ve messed around with some random mixing techniques but there was nothing specific what I wanted to achieve, it was purely me thinking ‘Oh, I wonder what it would sound like if I put xxxxx effect on it’.

I’ve got some more ideas about trying to add in some extra colour, and some harmonies, so I’ll see if I get any time over the weekend to add some things to it.

I’m not in London anymore sir, just haven’t updated my profile since I initially registered. I was in Holborn then Shoreditch – but last year I’ve moved to Cambridge

Once again, thanks for the listen and also thanks for the comments/feedback. I’ll keep you updated.