Just an Inquiry on Teac A450 cassette deck


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To keep things alive around here I thought I would ask if anyone had a 450 or A450 with the speed being too high by 60-70 Hz while using the smaller 60Hz pulley section and the correct and even a new 3uFd motor run caps and the motor was replaced by the one I sold him that was new Teac stock. I oiled it before it was sent out with AMSoil which I have used in the decks of all kinds for the last 3-4 years now. Never had I seen a deck go over speed with that oil. Torques are normal too the belt looks new.
If someone had resolved this problem I would like to know what their solution was. I already know what my solution came out to be but I am wondering if I missed something.
Also the voltage and wiring of the motor to the terminal strips are the same as a untouched from the factory unit I own.
Even theories will be welcome.
Just so those that might read this know, the unit was fixed and returned to the customer on speed. The only solution in this particular deck was a pulley modification that took a couple of hours to reduce the size by .2mm and then the wow and flutter was good and speed at 3007Hz. This unit due to it's age got a full electrolytic recaps and also required a record EQ modification. It turns out the old tape in 1974 when this came out were pretty horrible performance wise and so they put a ton of record EQ boost into it. The reduction allowed the bias to be turned down to reasonable amounts and the levels were correct. I think it was after doing this machine that I had to order 2000 10uFd 16V caps as my drawer of 500 got depleted. Not just from this machine but it seems that there are a lot of decks that use that value.