I've got the SM-57. What next?


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My first album is mastered and looking back I'm pretty happy with what the SM-57 did for me. I've got one and I used it on every stinking instrument and I gotta say, it handled to my liking.

But perhaps I only like it because I haven't used others yet. I think I can spend up to $300 in the future for a mic that will really give vocals a better sound. And, heck, I'd use the mic on anything else it beats out the SM-57 on.

Any advice?

P.S. On a different note, it seems that most everyone here is against using the SM-57 as a studio vocals mic. And I can understand that. But what I find really, really interesting is that Peter McIan recommended the SM-57 in his chapter on studio vocals. What's up?

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I think the Rode NT1 is around $199 or so...

I'd recommend AKG C3000, at around $250, I think it's the best 'cheap' LD condenser around.

I've also got Oktava MC219 ($239 @ SoundRoom), which is passable ... but it doesn't stack up to the AKG for vocals. Not bad for piano or acoustic guitar, though.

Remember, though ... all condenser mics need power in order to produce sound. If your board has phantom power, don't worry about it ... but if not ... you could be looking at another $100-300 (that's a guess) for a phantom power unit (or I guess you could find a battery operated mic, but none of the ones mentioned above have that option).
Consider this MXL 2001 condenser from Marshall elect.
It's $179 with its $25 pop filter.
True specs.
Take a close review....at least!