It Is Christmas Time!


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Christmas Time..But with or without the female samples played in a VSTi? XMasTime0101 has the sampled female voices.

This is the worst Christmas song I could come up with...
christmas is here
happens once a year
snow on the ground
silent nights without a sound

christmas time
Sugar plums on our mind
sexy slap her behind
not a creature stirs
the christmas mouse concurs

christmas time
stocking were stuffed with loving care
knowing the man had gifts to share

keeping them happy
good girls and boys
bringing them smiles
and plenty of toys.

christmas time
christmas time

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R D Smith

It's as good as it is, for as long as it lasts.
Youre kidding? I thought it was too loud like it was. Its a train wreck.
Man, I hate my voice..ok ..1-2db should do it.
That's much better. I still think the vocal could go up another db. Maybe there is a little masking going on between the keyboard and the vocal. The backing vocals seem to sit better now instead of sticking out on top. Did you do any tweaking on them?

I don't think your voice sounds bad.


200M Subscribers
Did you do any tweaking on them?
Yes. The Female vocals are from a RnB sample package. I control the vocal with CR8 a waves sampler product. You can download a woman singing out vowels, or short phrases. They list the note in the title info. From that note you can go up and down a bit before it sounds fake. Like 1/2 an Octave. The sustain pedal pauses the phrase and holds word length. Like I did for the 'Oh-Yah' backing parts. Then i have a Scarlett gate. A granular reverb with delay called LoFi Spaces. And Fabfilter pro L-2. I think they sound real as can be. And there are so many samples to use for backing your own voice too. The potential for backup singer parts is enormous. Oooh's and Aaaah's.

My voice is in Through a TC Helicon Mp-75. whatever. Then the interface input, Apollo USB. The cleanest it can be. Then I use a limiter, the Fabfilter pro L2. Something to push against or into.
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Bulls Hit

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On the TV speakers it sounds pretty well balanced. Vocal is clear, abit distorted up top, could be de-essed. Not sure the samples add anything. Sometimes you add more by taking things away