Issue with erasing section of tracks

I have installed Sony Acid music 9.0 software on two lap top computers that I use for recording at two different places. They are both the same brand, Toshiba. I have an issue when it comes to erasing parts of recorded tracks if I need to edit or change something. For erasing a section of a track, I click on the “Erase Tool” icon which looks like a regular eraser, then use it to erase. The multi-track recording page for Acid Music has very faint vertical lines on it like a grid. For one of my computers, when I access the erase tool, I can use it to erase any section of any track, so that one works normally. For my other computer there is a problem, in that when I click on the erase tool and I click on any part of the track it erases the entire section between two vertical grid lines even if I do not desire for the entire section to be erased. So I have no control over how much erasing I want to do due to the fact that the entire part of the track between two adjacent vertical lines is always erased. For my first computer, I can erase any small section of any track and it does not take off the entire section between the vertical lines. How can I remedy the problem as I have described with this other computer? Thanks.
Thank you Bouldersoundguy. It was the snap icon alright. It was on, and as soon as I turned it off, the problem went away. Thanks so much!!!!