Is This Love - Whitesnake Cover


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Overall, things are balanced pretty well, but I would probably back the reverb down a bit on the vocals. Especially in the first verse, things just seemed a bit "indistinct" to me. Maybe raise them up a dB or so as well.

Its a pretty solid rendition, tho.


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Overall, this sounds great! I felt though that for this style of music maybe the instrument levels (except drums) could be lowered a bit (in terms of volume relative to vocals)...Great guitar solo tone, amazing! I can hear that vocals have gone a little off key on some instances (barely noticeable though)...same with the guitar solo as a couple of bends seem to have gone off key (again, barely noticeable)...also, I agree that the reverb(s) on the vocals could be turned down a bit.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to this cover!


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Love the tone on the arpeggio guitar and the singer. Agree with the other comments a little bit less reverb on the singer in the first verse. Build it up in the chorus. Keys are a 1-2 too loud. Lead guitar needs a few notes tuned. Overall fantastic effort!!