Is there are problem with the Fostex web site? Anyone got Win7 or Win10 USB drivers for MR-8HD?


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Have been trying to get on the Fostex web site for 4/5 days with no luck. I click on liks & nothing happens.

I seem to remember that when I downloaded the MR-8HD user manual I saw Win7 and/or Win10 USB drivers. Does anyone have these that you could e-mail them to me?

Additionally, I'd appreciate any other downloadeable files that I should have. For example, I think Fostex have a PC-based utility to manage copying from the recorder to PC & vice versa.

I've bought a second-user unit & it's currently on the way to me. The biggest unkown I have about it is whether I'll be able to use it with Win10 (or Win7 if necessary).