is my tascam 414 broken?


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i've uploaded a demo here: video
it seems i can't record on track 1 (and 2) - 3 and 4 are working just fine. am i missing something while recording? what would you suggest my next steps are?

i am just starting out, so please forgive me if i am missing something obvious.
That's not good - you appear to be doing everything OK - does it replay? Turn the tape over so the tracks are reversed and see if what you recorded on 4 plays back on 1?
Interesting that both 1 and 2 both don't work.
Am not familiar with the hardware. but it looks like you recorded on to 4, then played that back, and recorded that on to 1, but the recording didn't stick.
Something on 1 works though, the led bars. So the incoming signal on 1 looks good.
Can you play back a previously recorded 4 track tape? Thereby proving that a recorded tape can be read.
Another experiment I might suggest is inserting a 4 track cassette you don't mind losing, and try to record silence over track 1, and if that works, then do it on track 2.

Another thought - if the record/read selector switch were faulty, it might be reading when you think you are recording.
thank you for your replies - i went to a technician who fixed it. apparently there were some contact issues within the board, it's all good now!