Is it possible to connect Akai Mini MK3 synth to analogue mixer (Xenyx 1002)


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I have Behringer Xenyx 1002 which is analogue. I am curious about Akai MK3. It has digital output. But also a headphones jack. I am wondering if it is possible to connect that headphones output to the mixer.
Is this what you're talking about?

This is a midi controller. The sockets are USB to the host computer, and a jack socket for a sustain pedal.
^^^^ Exactly

The Mini MK3 doesn't generate sounds, so nothing there to feed the mixer. Either run it's USB through your computer for sounds (DAW ?) and use an audio interface's monitor outs to feed the mixer, or step up to something like the MPK mini plus 37, which has MIDI IN/OUT that you can plug into the interface - which feeds USB to the computer (DAW) for sounds.. and again use the interface's monitor outs to feed the mixer.
There is another way. Assuming OP is getting sound from software on the laptop he can use Audacity to record them.

Many AIs now have a "loop through" function that performs the same task, e.g. my MOTU M4 records any laptop audio on chs 5/6.