Is it possible to connect a powered mixer to a porta 02?


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Hi Folks,
This is my first post here in this forum.I am relatively new to this home-recording thing but i've been playing guitar since i was a toddler and want to get a few ideas down on tape.The trouble is this ...i have a tascam porta studio 2 and i want to use some of the effects from my powered mixer (inkel 200 watt)like reverb and eq but i'm not sure how they should be connected.The mixer has a headphone 1/4 " jack but when i plugged this into the line input of the tascam the signal was extremely weak.There are two "tape out" rca plugs on the mixer ...maybe these are what i should be using? ...(with somesort of adaptor to the tascam) ....all help appreciated!!!!
I use a Porta02 as well, and in my various exploits at a live experimental radio show I do, I have found out that there is nothing that can't be connected to something else. Technically, the headphone out WILL work, but it is not designed to do it as well as your RCA outs will on the mixer. As much as everyone on here hates Radio Shack, I know that if you are using the Porta02, money is an option. Therefore... go to Radio Shack, get yourself an RCA to 1/4" adaptor (looks like a black wire Y), and go to it. I really have no clue how your mixer is set up, but I have run a powered mixer into my Porta02, because I was recording a bunch of miked drums onto one track.

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