Instrumental Thematic modal tunes


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I gathered up a collection of stuff I have been working on recently and some material from a few years ago. All instrumental...mostly have a "thematic" vibe so I have been using some of these tunes as background music in some videos I made. The music is pretty low key, some of it is VERY dark and VERY gloomy and thats what you can expect when you wander off into modes far away from the major scale. Like Prometheus or the "Mystic chord"'s like Lydian dominant with no fifth. But dont fear...there are a few nice acoustic guitar open tuning songs which I like alot. Nothing is even close to mainstream sounding here.....I am driven mostly by MODES and I find it easier to write this way. So hunt and peck and see what you can listen to. I played all instruments with exception of drums on a few tracks. All recorded and mixed in Mixcraft software. I am not sure what "genre" this music would be. None of the music follows tertian harmony, that is building chords in thirds and there is some quartal harmony subtly thrown in if you can recognize it! Most of the selections use NON FUNCTIONAL harmony....chords are strictly ornamental and sort of just float and hover. I am a guitar player first but I have found that piano/keys give me a lot more flexibility to play those impossible chords on guitar. This music is best listened to while you are painting or relaxing. I use a lot of chord substitutions, especially where you think you will hear a minor 7th, I use a minor 11th. Probably none, if any standard major chords used but I have experienced, playing in Harmonic major how you can make MAJOR sound VERY DARK and SPOOKY!!! Click pic or link:

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