Indian Dream (remastered)

mark skinner

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Hello. Yep .. another laid back instrumental with an Indian vibe. Nylon guitar, bass and cello are sharing the melody lines. I used midi tabla and Sitar from Indian Dream , (thus the title) and some Ooohs and Aaahs from a Cakewalk Vst. As always crits and suggestions are weclomed . Thanks for the listen .. mark
Thanks , I just realized this was the song I used some of the midi guitar files you sent me. 😁 I learned the parts , tuned down, slowed it down a little and played it on my Godin nylon hybred guitar. I'm working on two Indian influenced songs at the same time , and getting them confused with each other.
Thanks for the listen , reply and especially the files .. mark
Oh man. Is this the kind of vibe you bring? This is awesome. I've been digging a lot of Indian and Arabic music lately. Now I come across your music.
I got me some catching up to do. I love it.
This tune starts mellow, but then becomes hypnotic before you realize it.

Is your Soundclick page the best place to listen to all your music?
@Random dude Thanks , I really appreciate Arabic music as well , but there's no way I can produce it. Western with an Indian flair is about as close as I can get to Indian music. I've got a Lot more stuff on Sound Cloud and normally post there after all the changes and remixes. Soundclick actually streams at a higher bit rate and sounds better though. Thanks for the listen and comment .. mark
Nice clarity on the guitars. Excellent and tasteful playing.

Every once in a while some of the acoustic guitars give off a little brassy note or two. I wonder if you could add (back?) a few low mids? Just to warm them up a little.
Cool. Digging your version of "Bad Moon".
Thanks , I had a Great time mangling that one.
@TripleM I Appreciate the comment. There's a new version up now , don't know which one you heard. A friend of mine (Gary Brun) in Norway got a copy and remastered it. On my monitors it sounds Pristine with with a Lot more clarity. I'm going to live with this mix/master for a while.
@packrobottom , thanks for the listen and comment. Yes , I think it fits in with the "soundtrack" genre. I was wondering what to call it .. mark