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Hello , here's one I'm just finishing up. It's been in the works for years after watching a documentary about creamations on the Ganges river in India. Strange subject .. I know. Thanks for your time , comments, crits and suggestions .. mark
Beautiful. there are some points I wish I could get a break from the bongos and the vocals get buried a bit much a few times but other than that it's great.
Real rich sound overall. Nice and warm. Great fidelity on the acoustic guitar.

Cool percussion.

Vocal sounds good. I think the lead could maybe be compressed harder. Words at the end of phrases get lost in the mix. Harmony vocal could come up a db or two.
@packrobottom , @TripleM . Thanks guys for the reply and suggestions. I'm currently working on the concerns you both mentioned. The main tabla track is one long loop. I've been cutting it up, and using fades and automation to try and give it a different feel. The bongos that come in and out under it are also getting adjusted.
My dry erase chalkboard I keep for quick notes has said "do somethinng with tabla" for a while.
The lead break is 3 different guitars. Trying to balance them better. Thanks .. mark
Hi Mark
always top quality from you
amazing guitar playing & a natural feel to try any genre & you do it with style
still hoping you do something with a Latin feel

Contrarily, I would like to hear the percussion taking the lead on this and being more prominent and upfront.

Another great song however you finish it. (y)
@packrobottom @TripleM @subvibe @HumanPlanet . Thanks guys for the listen and comments. The link now reflects a new mix and master. The vocal issues were addressed , a lot of tedious editing everywhere, added another cello track to the break. Special "thanks" to Gary Brun from Krakstad Norway for the mastering. He can be found on the "Cakewalk Discuss" site if you need any work done.. Mark
I've listened to this 3 time now...
I think the problem with the vox is that it's bussed to the same reverb as the guitars...?

It's a great sounding and busy mix... The VOX needs its own pocket! ;)
@JAPOV , Yes the vox is bussed with the same reverb as everything else. I'll take that into account on future songs. Thanks , good observation and suggestion. I've called this one done and it's already released to all the streaming sites. BTW , your last song is Killer ! mark