In Desperate Need Of Help With My Mix


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I'm at my wit's end and just can't figure this stuff out. For the track itself, I was going for a late Beatles sound, like "Something, the 2019 remaster, or Across The Universe from the Let It Be NAKED album. Haven't had much problem with the rhythm section. I'm very new to compression and mixing in general.
The vocals sound dry and burnt, no matter what I do. The main rhythm guitar is so harsh in the higher frequencies, but it's proven near impossible to EQ without muffling the entire sound so much I'm close to considering re-recording it. I can't get the guitar and vocals to sit with each other. It sounds especially bad on iPhone speakers. I don't know if this is fixed with compression, stereo panning, or what. Any advice or recommendations at all is massively appreciated. Feel free to ask any questions for clarification, and thank you so much for the help.
Here's the mix