Impulse buy broken MXL 2001, Now I have two "BigUgly RoyerMods"

Blue Jinn

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Couldn't resist $10+$6 shipping. Mic was good and broken as the seller said. Headbasket broken off its base ring, capsule skin crinkled, and the base nut had a small sliver broken off. (How does that even happen?)

Didn't even bother to try it out and went straight to gutting it. Transformer is held in with electrical tape. Tried originally to re-solder head basket, so there's a smidge of solder left.:-( Used epoxy instead.

Smoketest: sat. Hum problem, had to ground cable on both ends. (Contrary to what I was taught.)

Now to try it out.


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Hi! Where I can buy the royer mod pcb (and its components)? I have a EF732 tube and some mics that I can use.
Sorry for the late reply. I do not have any boards at the moment, as last time I posted here and GroupDIY there wasn't that much interest. Keep checking here and over there black market in case I get enough interest for another run.