Impractical Immortality - Feverish cacophany of sound is in these days, right?


It's not nearly as cacophonous as I expected. It's actually quite smooth considering. In fact, I think the top end of the drum could be brighter to drive the song a little harder.

On the technical side, it's clipping almost constantly and the levels are very high. On my LUFS meter it has an integrated loudness of -8.5dBLUFS and a true peak of +1.1dB.


I've also got an unmastered version:

Is that better for the clipping, etc?

I really need to figure out my mastering chain better.

That mix isn't clipping. I took the liberty of doing a quick master of it. All I did was put a high shelf boost and some compression on it, then added limiting to get it up in volume a little. I left enough headroom so that compressing to mp3 would not cause it to clip.

View attachment Impractical Immortality master.mp3


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Mix 2 is in the OP.
Beefier bass.
More kick
More OH mics on the kit.
Minor arrangement tweaks

Thanks for the feedback so far!


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Gary Numan. That's who this reminds me of. I mean... you really nail that vibe. :)

I'm not hearing the kick, neither in your mixes nor BSG's remaster. It might be one of the various synth sounds or lost within the various synth sounds. I would like to feel a thump when I crank this song up. Just not getting that. Maybe I'm too old school these days. If you're going for an iso-energy across the spectrum kind of mix, I think you got it.

Sometimes I feel the distorted synths step all over the vocals, other times, it's the perfect balance. I can only imagine the amount of time you spent tweaking the mix.

I think the vocals are stellar. I remember your mixes from years back, and this is such an improvement.

99% there. Keep tweaking, dude. :)


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Thanks chili.

Yeah, I really need to figure out how to mix kicks. The kit in this one is a weird EZD extension, which probably isn't helping.

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I liked this one from the get go. It has a mad kind of 80's euro punk electronic vibe about it. I agree about the missing kick. Sometimes the answer is to just dupe the kick track with a different sample and compress the bejesus out of it


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Great tune. Nice crystal clear vocal. I would like to hear a little more edge on the guitars...make then a bit more agressive.


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Thanks, guys.

So I've been lazy and didn't bother posting updated mixes since the 2nd, but it's done now: