Importing Waves v12 Power Pack into Adobe Auditon 1.5 doesn't work


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I have been using Adobe Audition 1.5 for years now.
I have an established work flow and I purchased the Waves Power Pack.

The plug ins do not appear in my VST list in Adobe when I refresh my effect list after adding the Waves folder where it is installed.

Does anyone have any advice to help with this please?
Waves say that only Audition 13 is supported so they are refusing to assist me further than suggesting basic info regarding the waves central program.
I even tried to manually install waves 9 from an offline installer from their website and that is not working either.

I tired later versions of adobe audition, Pro tools, Reaper, Logic etc, I hate them all.

If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it,

Thank You,



In some DAWs you can tell it where to look for new VST plugins.

Did you move from a 32 bit OS to a 64 bit OS?


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Yeah, I did upgrade to a 64 bit system. I told audition where to look as well. That is why it is bizarre


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Yeah, I did upgrade to a 64 bit system. I told audition where to look as well. That is why it is bizarre

In reading this thread, so many details are left blank, so I have questions. You mentioned Logic so Mac? New system and OS? Big Sir? Intel or M1?

I'm not finding this that bizarre.
Waves v12 are unlikely to work for you. You really should read the minimum requirements before purchasing software. Sadly even trying to install v9 isn't going to work, because you don't own v9 if you just bought v12... Waves is not going to help you.


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I was allowed to download v9 from waves because it is a roll back version from v12.

Waves doesn't help because audition wasnt supported by them until the newest version.

I am using windows ten, audobe audition 1.5, with an amd ryzen 5. I used reaper to test my system's capacity to handle the v12 plugins and it is perfectly stable.

It seems to be a compatibility issue. All the tutorials that I see to make it work with audition are for bootleg plugins and seem to do something with dll files