Importing Songs from Older version


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I recently purchased Sonar Platinum and loaded into a Windows 7 computer. Previously I used Sonar 6 in Windows XP.

Creating new songs seems to work with you problems - however, when I tried to "open" songs that I recorded in Sonar 6/XP (and have stored on an external hard drive) I'm having problems with the computer locking up.

Is there a need to "import" songs vs. open songs? I question if there is a compatibility problem from the older Sonar to the new Sonar???


And try holding down the Shift key before you open the file - you can then step through each VST/VSTi and add them or not.


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One thing to remember, once you "successfully" lol open an old project in Platinum there's no going back. It converts it somehow and it will no longer be "openable" in the old version of Sonar.


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Which is why it makes absolute sense to do a "save as" to a different folder/path so you DON'T overwrite the original.