I'm so confused. Mp3's up-sampled, Why?


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I'm so confused. Mp3's up-sampled, Why?

For what it's worth, I'm an audiophile, with some respectable gear.

I use Audition, mostly, for playback of Flac, Wav & Mp3s.

Mp3s, some, they are being up-sampled, Why?

Why some upsampled to 48000 Hz?

Why is the uncompressed audio size so damn large?

Where are these uncompressed audio size files being stored?

Sonic drawbacks?


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If you are referring to the "48000 Hz • 32-bit (float)" notation in that image, it's just the internal form the program is using for the audio. Audacity does the same thing when you import compressed audio, as any DAW would. (Unless, of course, the imported file is uncompressed and a higher sample rate than the default.)

It's only going to store the uncompressed audio if you save it as a project.

Compressed audio always has to be uncompressed before playback - it's just the MP3 (AAC, or whatever) CODEC's job. DAWs will then often convert to floating point because it has even more headroom, but whether they store the float or only keep fixed point depends on the DAW.