I'm offering free mixing service to create portfolio.


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hi everyone.
I recently graduated from university and ı want to try my luck in freelance businesses first. I have a plan in my mind to improve my own mixing skills, and to make a portfolio for starting out freelancing.
I want to mix your tracks for free and I just need 2 or 3 tracks to start out with, nothing more than that. After I mix your tracks,
I want to show them as a referance to my freelance site, therefore I don't want to work with clients who demands urgency (at least for now). Anyone who wants their songs to be mixed can message me.

rob aylestone

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Seems like a nice idea, but prospective clients might want to hear some examples of your work. It's one of those chicken and egg things - people want assurance you're good before they give you the material but you need the material to get better.

If you're not very good yet, this is tricky, as who wants to give their stuff to somebody for 'educational' reasons. If they've recorded the material, then they can probably mix it at least as well as you? Not really my place to suggest things, but what is your unique selling point - surely instead of saying "I'm not very good, but I'll mix it averagely for you for free so I can get better" you should be saying "I've come out of uni and I'm really good at mixing, and I'd like to try some different styles to widen my portfolio".

It's not good to admit that you're graduate and wanting to 'try your luck' and actually tell people you need to improve?

People who hand their tracks and stems across to others usually expect to hear examples and see your studio. Money is not everything. Professionalism and track records are very important. Bedrooms studios are ten a penny - so you need to impress people.

If you've just graduated surely you must have a portfolio? Unless your uni subject was nothing to do with music I guess. There's also a rights issue with putting other people's music on your site. It's out of their control, and if they want to market it, it's tricky if somebody is letting it be heard for free?