If it was yours?


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If you had a 24'x24'area to build out your very own studio,how would you build it?? How much control room,how much playing area? (Say,like you had vocals,guitar,bass and drums you were gonna'record live,just for example,maybe??)Vocal booth,yea-nea?? Any ideas??????
Pretty small...

That's a pretty small space. My space was about 50 by 18 before I started construction. Hell, I bought a single story house just so I could build a studio in the basement, 2 story houses have tiny basements... :)

Anyway, are you just going to use it for a studio? Or do you want to jam there too? If you're going to be doing both, and you have a band, I'd suggest thinking of a 2:1 ratio. Have the control room about half the size of the live room.

That's just what I would do, it's probably not the best thing to do... John Sayers could probably help you better than I could... I think that's spelled right. He's always posting replies on the BBS, look around for him and ask him.
Hey Brian,Thanks for the response.I would love to get Mr.Sayers opinion on this,although I am sure he read it and for whatever reason chose not to post a reply.My guess is probably to broad a question????Anyway,yes we are going to be jammin'in this same studio,as well as recording.I feel like I have ample room,I am just trying to figure out proper dimensions for the control room to get the best acoustics possible both in the conrtol room and in the actual playing area.I was thinking more along the lines of a 75/25 split,control room centered on the back wall,three windows for a complete view...??????
Yeah Tat2 - you can build a good studio in 24 x 24 - check out the corner controlroom plan at my site under studio plans. I personally reckon you need a large control room cos somuch happens in the control room these days.


let me know how you go - email me direct if you like
John,Thanks so much for the response!We have in fact looked at your plans and are trying to work off of those and put our own twist on it to come up with something suitable for what we are trying to accomplish.As soon as we get something on paper close to what we want,I will send it to you via e-mail and would appreciate any guidance you could offer on construction.One question I have now though is outer wall construction.We live where noise going out of the studio is not an issue and there is virtually no noise to come in...right,in the woods!Will a standard 2x4 wall construction be suitable or no??
Yes tat2 a 2 x 4 wall will be fine. I work at a studio on 10 acres with a river on three borders so sound going out is not a problem - The studio is 2 x 4 with board lining on the outside only. The inside is lined with cloth over fibreglass. It works really well. The inside walls are double walls though to keep the isolation between rooms. The plan I have up on the forum "I'm going to build again" is in a 8m x 9m space or 24ft x 27ft approx in your terms. If you were to make the bathroom/stair/entry in that plan your main studio you could be in business.
I look forward to your drawings