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Several of us almost attempted something similar, but ended up deciding on a cover tune instead. Check out the band threads in both the Dragon Cave and the MP3 Mixing clinic. Hopefully we will have something completed soon. The idea was to continue forward if the first song worked out with a "pool" of people from the BBS working on whatever projects we came up with next. I'd like to see some Internet song writing come into play on this as it makes it even more interesting. We kinda ran into a brick wall so to speak on original song ideas at first attempt.

Stiggy Darzust

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As i was saying in my reply to the 'i'm first topic':
it isn't a bad idea; use the internet to write and record songs with people all over the world.
Is there anyone who's interested?


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Hey, that sounds awesome! Too bad we don't have similar formats. I was hoping to do just that (collaborate online, that is) through VS-Planet, each could dump some tracks and swap masters back and forth as to end up with a dozen or so "remixes". Talk about brain-storming...

Now, of course, VS-Planet is dead. It was ideal for me, since I am among the world's 100,000 VS users. Compatibility is a strong card to hold. Still, I think this idea should fly, if the right people dive into it... Can't wait to see...

Jon X

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Well the format question is taken care of by the way we are doing the first virtual band song: Create a Wav, compress it to MP3 and upload it. Every track has a marker at the beginning, whoever gets the track next just records it into whatever equipment they are using copies it to a new track, gets rid of everything after the marker and then records. Then encode into MP3 and upload. If you have any way of making a connection to the PC from the VS machine, then it's easy. I've got the 880, and that's what I'm doing. Hopefully we'll have something decent done soon, and we'll see how it all turns.


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Never mind the techie stuff - this is a songwriting thread.

Why doesn't everybody just post a line, about a bar long, to fit a shuffle rhythm, i.e. DA-da,DA-da,DA-da,DA-da, in the next day or two,WITHOUT READING ANYONE ELSE'S POSTS and we can all have a go at assembling them into something coherent?

Jon X's proposal comes into play at the next stage - after some lyrics have emerged, when the tune gets passed around and abused.

I post my line tomorrow p.m. UK time.


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...and here it is:

Don't buy a house in Leighton Buzzard

Just kidding - it's the right rhythm, though.

Here goes:
Overcast and threatening rain

I'll post this as a new thread.

Then give up.


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Ok, i'll take a stab. I put 2 down, one depressing, and the other not quite as depressing. :)

Overcast and threatening rain

1. Can it really dampen the pain?

2. Try your best to ruin my day.


Overcast and threatening rain.....

Nature's way of removing the stain.

The clouds in your mind; hard to explain.

The showers that follow; they feel so insane.


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Thanks, guys.

Can I suggest we skip the end-rhyme? That's why I originally suggested we all did without reading anyone else's line. Difficult but not impossible, especially for homewreckers. Tough for Planeteers, I know.

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Stiggy Darzust

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I've been away for a few days and look what they have done to my topic!
The subject has changed! now I have to post a new one. :D

Seriously, I don't think that it works out if we first write lyrics and then add music to it, it has to be more organised (in technical way)
Besides, I think it's better to start with a cover, just to see if it works out.

I'm busy writing down a way to make this thing work, since I believe it contains a big part of the future of music, if you're interested, then reply to my new topic,I'll call it:'I still have a dream!' :D

My new topic will be there tommorow (I'm tired)

Jon X

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We'll have the cover song taken care of shortly. I gotta get time to do the drums, but hopefully other people are making more progress than me. I hope to be done sometime this weekend and ready to upload by Monday.

BTW, I don't think it's difficult to write the music after the lyrics. No more so than any other way.


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Try This.

I think to deep to feel the pain.
insane, you say,
then thrust your point upon my view
from eyes of dogs
and levels to deceiving
from blackend clouds of thunder
barely breathing
the trick beneath these skys
is to be the last one smiling.

the first line went along with the game.
the rest was my rambling triggerd by the mood of "overcast and threatening rain"
I also tried to break the rhyme.
Ohh that was fun.


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Nice one, Jude.

Stiggy, sorry to hi-jack your topic, but some good stuff is starting to work through.

Anyway, I did take to another thread, called Co-operative Lyric Writing, so blame the people who posted here!

Some people respond well to a direct challenge, such as a set of lyrics which scan but need a tune.

We all create in different ways - check out CMiller's post.

Good luck with worldwide virtual orchestra project. There's a guy called Otter, who has a site called "V-Band Revolution", which is also worth a look.