I'd like to suggest

I've read stories about Pickle Tankers, but don't think I've ever met/used one. I need a picture, damnit!
Nevermind, I'm hardly fit to be in charge of my cat. I'm going over to that forum. Jenni better not be there.
Mom used to say she had to "go to the Jenny".

Larry Craig should be right at home in these parts.

So it's a woman who blows drunk, homeless guys in the alley behind the liquor store?

Gawd, I'll never understand where this foul mouth came from.

I should be blaming someone for this. :mad: Carter? Night Flight? Clove Cigarettes?
Just in case Gidge was too lazy...

"A pickle car is a specialized type of tank car designed to carry pickles. This car has four visible wooden tanks and is roofed. Pickles which are preserved in salt brine are loaded through hatches in the roof."
Can you please be more specific. Which liquor store ?

Duke's on Park.

If you're planning on showing, be sure to be extra filthy and shit your pants a couple hours beforehand. :eek:

I just grossed myself out and that's not easy to do.