I want to the next trent reznor


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Hey im really into industrial and heavy techo. so far i have Acid Dj (im getting the full version soon) N-track , stienberg b-box.
what else do i need to have or should i have or could i have? im considering reaktor, or reberth or some kind of midi key board controlable software sampler like giga sampler or the bithedz one. i have a couple of sample cds and drum sample cds. and am getting a new sound card and a second hard drive....
so what else?
I have an Alesis S4 with the Rap/Techno/Dance card and a couple other cards you can buy from me for $375 + shipping.
how soon do you want to sell it?
i could be able to buy at the begining of next month.
If you wanna be Trent, you gotta have a full studio of gear, and use ut all! Also, you gotta get a portable dat and sample everything from the sound of a car door slamming to bees. You gotta find uses for gear that no one ever intended. That' swhy Trent is who he is!