I want to make lofi rap. I need help mixing


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Hello all. I'm @MelloFlowz. I want to get into lofi rap but I'm terrible at mixing (even though the standards of quality are lower for lofi music and what not).

I attached a sample song of what I'm going for. You can just drop the audio files in your DAW at 0:00 and should be good to go. I'm looking for someone to mix it and give me an idea of what a finished lofi song would sound like. And hopefully we can continue working together on the next songs for this project.

I do not have all the stems. I intend to provide every instrument stem separately but that isn't always possible with some of these instrumentals.

Thank you for your time
Hi Mello, I´d like to take a look on your files and see if i can mix it. but the link is broken, can you upload it again? Cheers