I think Metal is becoming homotonous

Is Metal Homotonous?

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  • Homotonous?

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  • Myhatbroke is Homotonous

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more or less. if you step too far out of metal when writing, you're not metal anymore and people knock you for not being metal enough. but if you play by metal's rules (of which there are about 5,450), then you end up sounding just like a zillion other bands.

wait, why are there two threads for this? ahh, just a knock on the other dude. looks like I screwed up the poll.


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Metal is becoming homotonous

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I don't like any/much of the "new" metal coming out, bands that try to sound like old Metallica, Megadeth, etc. but there are a few bands that really made their own place. I.E. Throwdown definitely does what they do well and I would classify it as metal.

My $.02 :)


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It might not all be "metal" but there's new albums out (relatively new.) and there's still some heavy groovy stuff out there: High on Fire. Helmet. Mastadon. Sword. Tool. Melvins. Tomahawk. Opeth. Witch.

Metal, Nu-Metal, Death Metal, Post-punk-brazilian speed metal or whatever - just be friggin heavy! Bands that break the mold, I believe have a little more staying power, than just sticking in their self appointed genre. IMO.


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Monkey Allen said:
Is there an option for "I think all these pun threads are becoming extremely fucking boring and old hat"?

I'm sorry, no. You'll have to start your own thread/poll for that.