I need your help in building the PERFECT home studio

Ken D. Webber

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Hello, I am a professional illustrator who is poised for greatness in the future. I always have an eye open on future plans and music is also an area that I seek to expand into. I am also a musician so I am asking all the Home recordist's that I can think of to send me their suggestions on how to build the perfect dream Home studio. I need your advice and your imagination. If you were to suddenly come upon say, ten million dollars, and wanted to build the PERFECT recording studio what would be included? What equipment is an absolute must have when cost is no consideration? What musical equipment would you need for perfection? Do you have any links to manufacturers and suppliers? Are there any things that I should know about the setting for the studio itself? Wall designs and the form of the structure? What about the environment itself such as ways to make it artist friendly? Are there any nightmares that you have encountered or shoddy equipment manufacturers that should be avoided? I am looking for the most PERFECT STUDIO you can imagine with full digital capabilities. I look forward to hearing your list of suggestions, email me, and thank you for all that you can offer! Ken D. Webber / Artist
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